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How to make a smoothie

If you have ever wondered how to make a smoothie then read on as our simple guide walks you through the entire process.

All smoothie makers come boxed and packaged with protective cardboard and bubble wrap so that all of the working parts stay secure and safe. Before you use your smoothie maker, it’s important that you take all of the protective packaging out of the smoothie maker – and even if it looks like it’s ready to use, take it apart and check anyway. Sometimes, the blade attachments can be covered with clear plastic that you might not be able to see until you take the machine apart that could ruin the smoothie maker if you try to run it with the packaging still intact.

All moving parts, i.e. jug, lid, blades and attachments should be washed in warm soapy water before first use. This just gets rid of any dirt or bacteria that may be resident inside the machine. Rinse in very hot water, then leave to air dry before using. Making sure everything is dry before you use the smoothie maker just makes sure that the machine will run smoothly and safely.

When you come to chop the fruit and vegetables to put them into the smoothie maker, make sure you chop them into small chunks. Leaving the fruit in big chunks will just leave the machine with more work to do and could mean that you’re left with a chunky smoothie. Ensure all fruit and veggies are in chunks roughly the same size then place them into the blender.

Pulse the fruit and vegetables or blend together until pureed. Add the liquid of your choice, up to the fill line on the blender or according to your recipe then blend again until smooth. Add ice, either up to the fill line on the blender or according to your recipe then blend again until smooth. It’s important to blitz your smoothies in this way so that they retain a lovely smooth texture. Although it’s possible to blitz everything in one go, the texture of your smoothie will be rougher and less silky smooth if you use your smoothie maker in this way.

Taste your smoothie before decanting and add sweetener such as sugar, agave or honey if you think that it’s needed. For a vegetable smoothie or raw soup, try adding dried herbs, chilli, salt and pepper as needed. For a little bit of a naughty smoothie, try adding the alcohol of your choice, and if you want to make a textured smoothie, such as an oat or wheatgerm smoothie, you can either stir the oats into the smoothie or you can blitz them into the smoothie very briefly before serving.

Once you’ve used your machine, decant the smoothie and then wash the jug and the moving parts of the machine immediately under a cool running tap. This quickly sluices away any dried on bits and prevents the fruit from ‘cooking’ onto the jug and parts. Then, wash in warm soapy water before giving everything a final rinse in hot water. Leave the parts to air dry and once completely dry, put the smoothie maker back into the box ready for its next use!