Popularity Of Smoothies

Smoothies are everywhere nowadays – you can get a smoothie at your local café, when you go out to dinner in a restaurant and you’ll find loads of different smoothies in your local supermarket. But that’s not all – a growing trend in town centres and shopping centres is the ‘smoothie bar’, a dedicated shop or stall that sells nothing but smoothies.

Smoothies are probably rising in popularity due to our ever-increasing interest in our health and nutrition. We are now far more interested in eating the right sorts of foods, getting our five portions of fruit and vegetables per day and exercising frequently to keep our fitness levels up. Years ago, getting your five portions of fruit and vegetables per day was quite difficult, but with both shop-bought and homemade smoothies, you can get all five portions of fruit and vegetables in just 2-3 glasses of smoothie. Europe is embracing the smoothie trend too, and since smoothies were launched as an alternative to soft drinks in many European countries, such as Italy, Portugal, Spain and France, they are now being offered in most cafes and restaurants as a thirst-quenching cooling drink in the summer.

The popularity of the smoothie is also likely due not only to people wanting to improve their health, but also simply because you can now get so many delicious flavours, smoothies are being seen as an alternative to other drinks, such as fizzy pop or fruit juice. Fizzy drinks, especially, are known to contain lots of calories and caffeine, which are no good for your health. Fruit or vegetable smoothies, however, are wonderfully healthy and packed full of vitamins and nutrients. But there may also be another reason for the increase in the popularity of smoothies – the smoothie bar.

Some smoothie bars will create fresh fruit based smoothies and power smoothies using fruit and vegetables. But many smoothie bars are now popping up that serve smoothies made with either sweets or chocolate. The customer can choose one of their favourite types of sweets or chocolate bar, or a combination of, and then get their own personalised sweet smoothie made with ice, vanilla ice cream and the sweets of their choice. These smoothie bars are popping up in town centres everywhere – there is more than likely a smoothie bar like this very close to you!

It’s no wonder that these sweet smoothie bars are becoming so popular – all they sell is smoothies made from chocolate bars or sweets. Whilst these smoothies are very, very delicious, drinking too many of them will not benefit your health – instead, try to only drink these smoothies as a treat and drink more smoothies made with fruit or vegetables so that you still get the sweet, smooth flavour of a fresh smoothie but without all the calories.

You can get all the flavour of a shop-bought smoothie at home. Chances are, if you like a fruit or vegetable to eat normally, you’ll like it in a smoothie. Experiment by blending together different types of fruit and vegetables, with different juices or types of milk as well as ice creams, sorbets or ice cubes and you’ll soon come up with a delicious, original smoothie recipe of your own.