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Smoothie Makers

Welcome you to smoothie makers, your one stop shop for any type of smoothie maker that you want to purchase online. We have a wide range available from the biggest brands on the market so you can be sure that you’ll get a quality product. We provide you the best products at the best prices on the web for your smoothie blender. Take a look at our categories on the left for the widest range available of smoothie makers and shop online safe in the knowledge that all orders are 100% secure - guaranteed!

Many of us are becoming much more health-concious than ever before, meaning we are including more fruit and vegetables in our daily diets. Smoothies and freshly squeezed juice drinks are becoming far more popular in restaurants and cafes and smoothie shops are popping up everywhere in town centres and cities across the country – and people now want to make those same smoothies at home. Here at smoothiemakers.co.uk we bring you the top rated smoothie makers, all available to buy online. We also have tips on how to make a smoothie along with some simple fruit smoothie recipes for you to try out.

A smoothie is a type of drink, usually quite thick, made from a combination of fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables, with the addition of fruit or vegetable juice, milk, yoghurt and ice. The ice in a smoothie needs to be crushed so that the smoothie has a smooth texture, and so a smoothie maker is used to blitz the ice with the rest of the ingredients.

A smoothie maker is basically a type of kitchen blender, but it is a little stronger and narrower than a normal blender so that it can properly blitz the ice and fruit together. Smoothie makers, also known as a smoothie blender, tend to have a higher wattage than normal kitchen blenders, which gives them more power so that the fruit, vegetables, liquid and ice can be chopped very finely to create a smoothie with a lovely smooth texture. They are also usually much narrower than normal kitchen blenders, which means that instead of the fruit sitting around the blades, the fruit and ice are directed straight towards the blades so that they can be blitzed together more easily.

Sometimes, smoothie makers have additional features, such as a stir stick attached to the top of the blender to mix all the fruit together, and a spout located towards the bottom of the blending chamber so that the individual making the smoothie can dispense the smoothie without having to lift the jug from the base. Other smoothie makers will also have a pouring spout at the top of the jug so that if you want to pour the smoothie into glasses straight from the jug, you can do it with ease.

Some smoothie makers also come with line measurements on the side of them to show you how much fruit, liquid and ice to add so you know exactly how much of each ingredient you’ll need to get the perfect texture in your smoothie. Most manufacturers will supply a couple of recipes with their smoothie makers to give you a little inspiration with regards to ingredients and preparation, but you can also find lots of smoothie recipes on the internet and with a little experimentation, you can easily come up with your own smoothie recipes using ingredients you already have in your fridge or freezer.

Smoothie makers can retail anywhere between £10 and £150, depending on how many features the smoothie maker has and whether you use it manually by turning the dial yourself or whether it will run a blending programme automatically. The average smoothie maker, with manual settings and a pouring jug retails for around £35. Buy your smoothie maker from the local supermarket, online, or from a specialist kitchen gadget retailer.